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A complete solution package for your business. Our cloud experts will guide you on A to Z cloud services and its unlimited benefits that can turn your enterprise towards new era of technology. Let’s get started with something modern and required.

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We can asses your needs better and our free initial assessment services are second to none. We care for your money and time and we can tell you, what suits you. Get our advisory services and survey to be on top of the list.

Managed IT Solutions

Let the good managers do your technical work. You spend so much on hiring, training and employing IT personnel but now you can transfer your IT worries to our expert management team.

Services We Offer

Managed IT Security : IT security is the most crucial need of any organization. There are many companies who are quite satisfied that their IT Systems have fool proof security but you have often heard about different breach attacks from hackers and malwares. We cannot say that we are secure until and unless we have 24/7 protection on our data, internet, hardware, and most importantly on our applications. Single disturbance in applications can cause loss in business that will make you lose your customers. Cognilinks can provide you with best solutions that can help you sit safe and work with full confidence.

Application Solutions : Every department of your organization is dependent on different applications. Are you sure, you are using the right applications? We can assess your applications need and can provide you with something more helpful and user friendly applications.

Internet of Things (IoT) : Internet is helping in making our life easier and simpler. We can save our time and energy with simple click of button. It can be your office security, home surveillance and automating every other step of life. Cognilinks can provide very good solutions on the subject matter.

Staffing : Our expertise allow us to select the most relevant and technical staff for your IT solutions. We have better contacts and resources that can help your business finding resourceful personnel.

Training : IT is the  most dynamic field and being in this dynamic field Cognilinks keep itself updated on latest technologies and this requires time to time training. We can train your staff as per your IT needs.

Others IT Services : Cognilinks is serving number of companies with uncountable services. We have listed numerous services on our website but this is not the limit. If you have any query relevant to technology or electronic devices we are available to serve your need with the help of our technical staff. We can provide you better rates as compare to the market and obviously we can provide you quality products. We can tailor made any product as per nature of your work and your need.


Financial institutions are always on top of the list in connection with IT needs. We have expertise and every solution to make your institution a success. You can rely on Cognilinks.


Healthcare is the most challenging field that has wide spread. Our Healthcare solutions are worth implementing at your institution. Cognilinks is a call away.


We are quite aware of IT needs by different government organizations. And most importantly we have learned the needs and their solutions that can lead your department towards success.

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