Do you have required Protection Shield? Data Breach is costly.

Managed Sercuity Services

Data Encryption

We cannot compromise on security of our data and its vulnerability can result into disastrous consequences. Cognilinks can is very good at providing Data Encryption services. Encrypted data is always safe and can be accessed by your concerned staff. We advise you to secure your data today or it will be late. Cognilinks offer multiple data encryption services and we are just a call away.

DDos Protection

We live in the world of web where we become more vulnerable and has multiple threats to our websites. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is very active threat towards our web services that causes interruption and bad image towards our customers when they find our website is not working. Cognilinks can provide DDoS protection to your websites and networks which is an ultimate need for today.

Network and Data Security

Network and Data Security is as essential as our own security and privacy. Where internet has provided us number of benefits it has also put our security on stake. Nobody can afford their private data to be accessed and misused. Cognilinks can provide you with number of latest techniques that can help you in network and data security. We have dedicated team for this purpose than can assess the level of security required by your organization.

Continuous Audit

Cognilinks team can automate your internal audit systems by providing expertise and solutions that can work side by side on all of your financial and non-financial transactions. Continuous Audit is very necessary for the dynamic organizations where number of transactions are involved on everyday basis.

Firewall & VPN Services

We have to protect our networks from outside data packets that can be harmful for our organization. Sometimes for confidentiality purposes it is very necessary to hide your activities from the outside world through VPN Services. Cognilinks can provide you with excellent solutions for Firewall and VPN technologies that can maintain your peace of mind from outside threats.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

All of us know the large amount of network traffic flowing inside our organization. Outside hackers and viruses try to gain the control of our systems and applications and causes interruption in our work. To avoid such threats Cognilinks can provide you with Intrusion Detection and Prevention System that will help your organization to work smoothly without any downtime.

How can you keep your data secure? Detect to Protect.

  • Web Security

    We are so exposed to the internet that one wrong link can create disastrous problems. Cognilinks provides you the world class web security services that will keep filtering harmful links, viruses and apps. You can stay remotely protected and fearless

  • Anti-Virus Security

    There are number of antivirus software available to protect us from external threats but it is hard to decide which software is suitable for your IT infrastructure. Let Cognilinks handle this job and you will get the ultimate solution for Anit-virus.

  • Email Security

    Email is the most vulnerable source that can destroy our whole IT systems. Once you click the wrong file; you are gone. Cognilinks will protect your organization from such threats to your security and your confidentiality will remain our top priority.

  • Spam Filtering

    Spam is most alarming problem faced by every organization operating on internal domains. These spam emails liter our inboxes with multiple threats. Cognilinks has ultimate solution for your spam and we can control it very well.

  • Malware Protection

    Malware is a kind of software that intrudes your machines and other software by gaining control over them. Malware is very common and you cannot ignore it without having proper malware protection. Cognilinks can design malware protection for you as per your requirement and size.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    Multi-Factor Authentication is very crucial in this era of internet that is so vulnerable. Every other organization is using two factor authentication instead of relying on only passwords. Cognilinks can provide you with this seamless technology for better protection of your every password related technology.

  • Security Patch Management

    Patch Management is a kind of software that is needed to upgrade your current software and applications but they often have bugs and viruses that can cause malfunctioning of your systems. To avoid this downtime Cognilinks can provide you Security Patch Management that will ensure smooth update of your programs.

Two-Factor Secure Cloud Access

Same like Two-Factor Authentication, Two-Factor Secure Cloud Access can help you in generating dynamic and randomly changing user authentication. Cognilinks can provide full fledge services on Two-Factor Secure Cloud Access.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is very crucial and it should be a continuous process to find any loopholes and outside threat to your organization. Let’s stay safe by allowing Cognilinks to assess your systems and provide you with best available solutions to threats and malware.

IT Ransomware Protection

Like malware ransomware is another threat that can have access to our crucial information and then we have to pay ransom to get our info back. To avoid this Cognilinks have best solutions and we can assess the points where you need Ransomware Protection.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Protect from Risk

  • PCI Compliance

    Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance is very important where your customers are presenting their most personal financial information to pay you for your products or services. Cognilinks is well aware of latest PCI compliant requirements. We will help you in designing a system through which you can get approval of accepting online payments.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance protects the sensitive data of patients. Cognilinks is providing services to number of industries including healthcare industry. We are well aware of confidential patient data. We can provide you 100% compliance with HIPAA so that you can work with more confidence.