Ranked as one of the fastest growing IT Managed Service Providers in North America, Cognilinks has earned its reputation as a recognized leader. Don’t take our word for it. Cognilinks carries engineering certifications and recognitions from industry-leading manufacturers, including Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Cisco and Oracle. In addition, Cognilinks has a dedicated Security Practice, which safeguards the infrastructure of clients with customized solutions, sets an example of Cognilinks innovative and forward-thinking offerings.

Our Mission

Committed in providing collaborative industry-leading technology solutions and services to our clients, enabling them to perform business operations effectively and efficiently.

Our Vision

Enhance focus on engineering excellence, design and develop top-notch technology solutions, long-term relationship with clients and vendors. Ensuring successful outcomes for our customers.

What we are

We at Cognilinks are working together as a team of experts in various fields of information technology.

As we already know that IT is the most dynamic field of this era like any other field of basic sciences.

Our highly technical staff is well versed in latest developments in IT and they are deploying that experience to facilitate our clients in their every IT related operations.

We offer technical services which have been designed with our clients’ needs in mind.

We are 24/7 in touch with our clients to fulfill their arising needs.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise enables us to produce right IT product/service for our customers.

Our aim and motive is to provide you with best possible solutions so that you may spend less and have more yield from your investments.

Few years back almost every other company used to spend millions of dollars to set-up their IT infrastructure. Believe us 90% of those companies spent money that is not required.

We at Cognilinks can assess your needs and requirements in more professional way that will not let your resources get wasted.

We are pleased to advise that we have support of most famous technology services providers and this helps us in creating tailor made technical products for the most complex business.

Today every another company is outsourcing their IT functions to save both time and money.

We can give you outstanding services in terms of technology advice, data hosting, cloud services, application management, IT staffing and every other services mentioned on our website.

Backed with the state of the art IT platform, the company offers first class technological services to the public comparable to international standards.