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The world we live in is surrounded by hundreds of different industries and all of us somehow interact with number of industries on daily basis. We deal with banks, investment institutions, healthcare, government organizations/departments, education institutions and many more. These industries interact with thousands of people on daily basis and this interaction is somehow built on very strong infrastructure of information technology. Where there are number of individuals involved, there involves huge databases and applications on which these databases work. Cognilinks is fully equipped in terms of latest technology and highly trained staff. Many government and private institutions are using our IT support solutions for their smooth operations.


Education is the one of the most growing industry that deals with millions of students every year. Best IT infrastructure is considered as the strength of any educational institution. Cognilinks provides number of solutions to the education industry that includes cloud solutions, application solutions, it consulting services and many other support services.


Legal Services

Cognilinks has many IT solutions for growing legal institutions where legal consultants deal with hundreds and thousands of cases and clients. Best institution is one who can get the relevant data on just a single click and the one who has strong IT infrastructure. Cognilinks motive is to leave behind all worries of IT and do your core business with more enthusiasm.


Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate and Construction companies is very dynamic industry where every day there is new data of places is involved and this data takes lot of your space. Cognilinks can provide ultimate cloud solutions that can take your data worries away. We can host your all data that will save your time and money both. Cognilinks can provide number of solutions for your versatile industry.



Hospitality industry provides wide range of services that includes accommodation, food services, recreational services and many other. Now these wide range of services obviously need some best IT support system for excellent customer services. Cognilinks has worked very hard to identify the most complex needs of hospitality industry and these needs once fulfilled can give you substantial growth and can help you saving lot of money that many hospitality companies spend without any awareness.


Food & Beverage

Taking number of food orders, order preparations, recipe database, customer services are very crucial to any food & beverage company. These crucial issues once addresses can become your strength and lead you somewhere on the top of the list. Cognilinks can provide you excellent point of sales applications and other database services that can help you perform better as per industry standards.



Stock management is one of the most crucial tasks performed by any retail store or online store. According to a research many stores just lose their sales because of poor stock management and slow POS operations. Cognilinks can provide you with physical and virtual solutions of stock management and point of sales systems. We can take care of your every IT related headache so that you may sit back and do your core job with more passion and efficiency.


It doesn’t matter if it is life insurance of general insurance, both of them needs excellent IT support system to run their business. Insurance is very technical field that involves underwriting and claim management. Obviously, there are hundreds and thousands of cases that has to be well organized somewhere at cloud for in time retrieval. We Cognilinks can assure you best services in this regard.

Consulting and Professional Services

It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, we provide services to every business. Consultants in different fields are always relying on their customer’s data that should be handy. It is not recommended for small firms to have their own in-house expensive IT setup. We at Cognilinks can bring best IT solutions to your door.



Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry is very dynamic field where there is huge amount of data in and out is involved. Strong IT infrastructure is mandatory for hospitals and pharmaceutical firms. Cognilinks can provide you excellent data hosting services and can also develop several applications for you through which you can easily manage your everyday task. Our technical team can assess all your needs to provide you something outclass.


There are many different departments that works under direct supervision of government. It can be health, municipal, education, human resource etc. We at Cognilinks can provide IT services to any government department. We have very excellent track record in providing multiple cloud solutions and application services.

Non-Profit Organization

Cognilinks have complete solution package for NGOs. We can provide excellent solutions that can help NGOs in maintaining their charity database. Our team can also perform free initial assessment and afterwards we can recommend you with your required needs.

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