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Cloud Solutions

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1.The Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Solutions growth has experienced enormous growth in recent years. Companies are discovering that cloud technology, with its inherent simplicity and robustness, can power the databases, file-sharing, and versatility requirements needed in today’s workplace.Cloud is a complete solution to your business where you can rely on Cognilinks regarding your IT and its infrastructure. Cognilinks with the help of latest technology and up-to-date equipment can provide you complete cloud services and solutions at your own workplace. Core function of any business is to get maximum out of its investment then why oneonce should waste scarce too many resources on deploying large IT infrastructure. Let the specialists handle your tasks.

2.Need of Today – Cloud Solutions

  • It saves money and savings can be further invested in your business.
  • It saves time and that time can help you concentrate more ideally on your core business objectives.
  • It gives you latest technology and dynamic services
  • You can upgrade or downgrade services as per your requirement.
  • There is no interruption because there is no malfunctioning as compared to in house IT infrastructure

3. Importance – Cloud Solutions

  • Adaptability & Flexibility: As business expands you need to expand the resources and most importantly expansion of IT infrastructure used to be crucial and expensive but not anymore. You can always expand or reduce your cloud services as per your need. So the scaling up or scaling down is game of minutes.
  • Backups & Disaster Recovery: Backup and disaster recovery used to be one of the major issues company faces. Lack of expertise results in loss of valuable information. Using cloud solutions will keep you in safe and secure hands.
  • Technological Updates: Technology is changing everyday with new innovations in both hardware and software. Cognilinks is fully equipped with the latest technological advancements as our R&D team is working at its best to keep our systems updated.
  • Keep Travelling:It sounds very fascinating but it is true. Cloud services allow you to work remotely from anywhere in the world, you just need to login and you can access, modify, add, delete etc, whatever you want.
  • 100% Collaboration: No need to physically gather for meeting and wait for everybody else to be present physically at a location. Cloud solution can let you collaborate through any corner of the world. So cloud is the best way to get some competitive edge

Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR)

We can take good care of your data than you. Controlling your data alone can sometimes results in data loss whereas relying on our services will ensure that your important data is in safe hands. We have number of backup servers from where we can retrieve your data in case of any malfunctioning.


Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud is a complete solution to your business where you can rely on Cognilinks regarding your IT and its infrastructure. Cognilinks with the help of latest technology and up-to-date equipment can provide you complete cloud services and solutions at your workplace.


Cloud Management Services

Cognilinks cloud management services enable businesses to transfer their workloads to a stable cloud system where they can quickly scale as their company expands by only spending whatever they need and whenever they need it. Companies can use Cognilinks’ scalable & highly secured data centers to build up and execute applications without developing or managing the infrastructure, lowering the costs to a great extent.


Cloud Migration

Cognilinks can assess your current IT infrastructure deployed at your workplace and we can carefully migrate your data, apps and programs to cloud servers that will enhance your performance by decreasing malfunctioning that can occur on site.


Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is much better in performance and security as compare to onsite servers. Cognilinks expert team can assess your current hosting needs and will help your organization to perform better with our hosting services.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Strategy is the best strategy through which you can gain more from your resources. Cloud Technologies will help you save your space, money and most importantly your time.


Email/Web Hosting

Cognilinks provides you with email and web hosting services. We are expert to reduce your downtime and we provide best-in-class services to keep your website available online around the clock.


Let’s have the virtualized computer resources. Cognilinks will host your hardware, your servers, your networking, your storage and any other IT related infrastructure at the cost you can afford.


We know it is very difficult to install and run technical applications. Cognilinks will give you peace of mind by taking all your software and application responsibilities. Cognilinks will just ask you to pay for your usage rather than buying expensive software.

DaaS (VDI)

Cognilinks provides excellent Virtual Desktop Service. We will handle your storage and backups while you can work worriless. Now data corruption and data loss is as old story, we won’t let that happen. Get access to your apps and software anywhere around the world.

Data Storage

Data storage is the most concerned topic in the field of Information Technology. But you don’t need to build large data houses because Cognilinks will take care of your data this will save your time and money both. We have our own data house with unlimited storage that currently have the capacity to cover more than 500 clients.

Mail Security

Mail is the most vulnerable source that can destroy our whole IT systems. Once you click the wrong file; you are gone. Cognilinks will protect your organization from such threats to your security and your confidentiality is our top priority. Just imagine, no spam, no unwanted email without subscription, what a peace!

Web Security

We are so exposed to the internet that one wrong link can create disastrous problems. Cognilinks provides you the world class web security services that will keep filtering harmful links, viruses and apps. You can stay remotely protected and fearless.

Amazon Web Services:

We shall call it amazing web services because of its performance and reviews. Cognilinks can migrate your entire IT infrastructure to Amazon Web Services in a very efficient manner. We are expert and we have been doing successful migrations since number of years.

Microsoft Azure and Office 365:

Our technical knowledge and migration experience can help your organization in ultimate migration towards Microsoft Azure and we can deploy Office 365 which is need of today’s work environment.

Google Cloud Platform:

The most widely used Cloud Platform is Google and Cognilinks can successfully transfer your data troubles to virtual systems increasing your work performance and saving your hours. 

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